Sunday, 2 March 2014

Exciting Life!!

As you might know I am all the time crying about my career. So I have now decided that I will have to literally train my self in designing jewellery, making illustrations and in fashion in general. Here I am already on it.  While reading through a book a thought hits me! I am always complaining about why have I still not figured out what I want to do. Why do I not have a focused vision since childhood and why am I not clear from early age is to what I want my career to be, like most.  As I was reading a book about a jewellery designer who loved jewellery from childhood and studied and obviously started a jewellery business.  A thought crosses my mind, “how boring is that!” One way it’s so good that you are clear and you know your path from the childhood. But on the other hand life becomes too obvious and boring. In my life there are experiments, failures, success, joy of discovery, adventure and I have something to complaint to God about!(Lol) I am at the age were I can consciously enjoy discovering my self, my skills, my flaws. God has actually given me chance to explore and let the surprises unfold. I have always loved surprises!

I feel such a great joy and relief to have figured out this truth.(I just hope that I can actually live with it! Because lot of these great realisations turn out to be momentary for me) I have been always pushing and resisting trying to make it work. But you know what I need to remind my self every time I feel frustrated is that Explore, learn, and See the world. Not to be afraid or feel complex about not earning yet.(that’s what I constantly feel) As long as I am trying and exploring I am in good place, I think. It might work out soon or it may not work out ever, but y life will always be new, fresh and exciting.  I think that makes me happy. (at-lest for now!)